What is an axminster carpet?

Axminster refers to the method of weaving used to create the beautiful patterned Ulster Carpets.

What is a wilton carpet?

The oldest method of weaving, used to produce luxurious plains such as Ulster Velvet, Grange and York Wilton.

Can I buy direct from Ulster Carpets?

Unfortunately we do not sell directly to the public. Please use our Stockist Finder to locate your nearest trusted Ulster retailer who will be able to discuss your requirements and many recommendations of the Ulster Carpet best suited to you. You can however order samples directly from our website to help you make your decision.

Is my carpet manufactured in the UK?

All our wilton and axminster carpets are manufactured in County Armagh, Northern Ireland. Our loop pile ranges are made by Danfloor, in Denmark, an Ulster Group company.

Where does the wool in my carpet come from?

We source the best quality wool from around the world, including Britain and New Zealand. Wools from different climates have different qualities and colouring which are combined at Ulster Yarns to produce the most durable and luxurious yarn possible ready for dyeing and weaving in County Armagh.

How do I measure my room and find out how much carpet I need?

Measure the widest and longest parts of your home to find out the carpet you need to order. Make sure you measure to the back of the door frame to allow for fitting. Multiply the two longest measurements to find out the total square meters of carpet you require.

Our carpets come in a variety of widths to save on cost and waste. For more complicated areas such as a stairs and landing, we recommend that the Ulster retailer you will be ordering from or an experienced carpet fitter visit your home to measure professionally. If this is not possible, it is a good idea draw a rough plan of your space and bring this along to the store.

Which carpet fitter should I use?

As a company we do not employ any carpet fitters, but we suggest that you use a professional, reputable fitter, recommended by your Ulster retailer. Many carpet shops will employ their own fitters, and can arrange this for you.

What if my room is wider than 4.57m or 5m?

Inevitably if your space is larger than Ulster’s widest offering, there will have to be a join in your carpet. A good fitter will be able to achieve a seamless transition and ensure the patterns fit together. Speak to a carpet fitter or Ulster stockist about how to order matching widths and the fitting possibilities.

What Underlay is best for an Ulster carpet?

We recommend purchasing the best quality underlay possible as this will improve the wear and increase the lifespan and comfort of your carpet. The type of underlay you will need depends of various factors, including the tog rating of the carpet you choose, whether or not you have underfloor heating and the area in the home you intend to lay your Ulster Carpet. Our experienced Ulster retailers will be able to advise you on the best kind of underlay for your individual needs.

When do I have to return my Ulster samples

There is no time limit for returning your Ulster samples and we are happy for you to keep hold of them to help you make those important interior design decisions. All we ask is that to help lessen our impact on the environment and reduce waste that unwanted samples are returned via the freepost bag provided.

How long will it take my Ulster Samples to arrive?

Generally your sample order will be on its way to you within 2-3 working days. During exceptionally busy periods or if the sample you requested is out of stock, this may take slightly longer.

Is Ulster carpet durable enough for non domestic use?

Many of our Ulster Carpets ranges are regularly used in a commercial setting such as B&B’s and churches as they are extremely hardwearing. If you have a large project, you would like to discuss, please contact marketing@ulstercarpets.com