Back to Basics

Decorex 2015 kicked off in style last week in Syon Park, London for their recent installment of discovering the future of luxury design.

Our London based designers arrived at the annual design event on the Monday morning and was blown away by the number of 'live' working stands and demonstrations happening. The 4 day event showcasing all design, innovation and truly stunning interiors was appreciated as being a back-to-basics occasion with some artist exhibitors painting bespoke wallpaper.

Kathryn Quinn - One of Ulsters designers mentioned:

"It was so refreshing to see art in its raw form. I spent ages just watching the guys at the Gainsborough Silk Weaving stand painting in squares which would've been how the old carpet designing technique was carried out in years gone by. Definitely my favourite Decorex so far. Have a look at some of the awe-inspiring images our designers captured at the show, highlighting just how exhilarating and appreciative we are of great design and how it just keeps getting better".

Decorex 2015 Collage of back-to-basics traditional techniques and painting patterns 

Back-to-basics traditional techniques in painting patterns. We captured Bob from Gainsborough Silk Weaving painting in squares, like the old carpet designing techniques.

#awholestackofgreatdesign at the @Decorex_Intl interior #design event.  

#awholestackofgreatdesign by George Spencer Designs.

Decorex 2015 - Quirky display of wallpapers #justrollwithit 

A Quirky display of Wallpapers on display at the show.

Lighting at Decorex.

Decorex 2015 and Painting patterns with back-to-basics water colour wallpaper

 Painting patterns on watercolour wallpaper.

#PanelledPerfection #Justhangingaround

Textures, lighting and fabrics.



George Spencer Designs

Gainsborough Silk Weaving

Published: 2015-09-30