Introducing Fusion...

Here at Ulster we are delighted to introduce to you our brand new range, Fusion. As the name suggests, the inspiration for this range is a fusion of re-discovered classic designs that have a resonance in many different areas of interior design. The chevron 'Reverb' has roots in architecture, parquet flooring and embroidery, the dogtooth design 'Tone' originates from tweed fabrics and is a staple of both furnishings and haute couture, while 'Sonic' echos ikat textiles and slub yarn designs.

The Fusion designs maintain their familiarity but have been re-visited to have a completely modern feel with blues, greys and neutrals that are perfect for current colouring, whilst the scale of the bold designs are tempered by the use of texture which accentuates the softness and practicality of the axminster pile.

These striking designs fit seamlessly into many current home decor trends from retro geometrics to textured materials. With interesting flooring now at the forefront of interior design these fashionable carpets are perfect for a modern home. Take a look at this versatile range below...

Ulster Carpets New Fusion Range

Ulster Carpets New Fusion Range

Published: 2016-11-02