Innovation has always been at the forefront of Ulster’s culture and PSYLO™ was developed by our own engineers to address the weaknesses of axminster weaving. Axminster carpet has been woven on looms equipped with jacquards since the 19th Century. The slow and cumbersome process was improved when Ulster pioneered the use of electronics in jacquard looms with the first electronic jacquard looms being commissioned in the 1980s. This brought with it the greater design flexibility and the ability to add more colours but was still fundamentally reliant on 19th century technology.

PSYLO™ made the jacquard loom obsolete after almost two centuries and today every Ulster loom utilises PSYLO™ technology. It is this which has enabled Ulster to retain manufacturing within the UK and avoid relocation to the developing world. The technology was so groundbreaking in terms of weaving that in 2006 Ulster Carpets won the Queens Award for Enterprise in Innovation.

PSYLO™ offers a range of benefits to our customers, for example;

  • PSYLO™ looms can use a superior number of colours, over and above the industry standard. More colours, allows for an unprecedented depth and texture on a one dimensional surface.
  • With PSYLO™ there is no need for a repeating pattern allowing complete flexibility and freedom of design. The floor can become a canvas for designers with no restrictions on size or scale of pattern with the peace of mind that all rolls will match perfectly.
  • All of Ulster’s looms have equal capabilities creating unparalleled manufacturing flexibility, reduced lead times and guaranteed on time delivery.
  • PSYLO™ has allowed Ulster to increase energy efficiency and reduce its waste and carbon footprint, setting a new standard for sustainable 21st Century Axminster manufacturing

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