Waste Management

Following a study of Ulster’s manufacturing processes by Queen’s University in 2000, Ulster Carpets identified a number of areas were waste could be reduced throughout the product lifecycle. Thanks to Ulster’s innovative R&D department’s advanced yarn technology, PSYLO and  the new package dyeing system Ulster have vastly reduced yarn wastage.

It is important that at the end of a carpet’s life, it can be responsibility disposed of. At Ulster all our contract and residential carpets are designed with maximum durability in mind to ensure a long life cycle. On average Ulster contract grade carpet contains an average of 60% rapidly renewable materials so when it does come time to replace an Ulster Carpet, it can be done so responsibly.

Currently 96% of all post industrial waste is diverted from landfill via a number of different waste streams;

  • Waste fibre from our carpet shearing machines is used in production of compost and for equestrian surfaces
  • Waste pallets go to a wood recycling plant
  • Waste metal, cardboard and plastics are all recycled

All our offices are provided with recycle bins and staff are encouraged to manage their use of paper and printing responsibly in a company wide effort to reduce waste. As part of our Sustainability Policy, Ulster Carpets constantly monitor and review our waste management systems to improve upon results year on year.