Ulster Carpets, Dye House & Energy Centre

Dye House and Energy Centre

Ulster Carpets’ new Dye House and Energy Centre, situated at the company’s headquarters in Northern Ireland will not only facilitate a number of manufacturing efficiencies, it will also bring with it many environmental benefits in line with the company’s Sustainability Policy.

A dedicated building, state-of-the art technology and a complete move to package dyeing from hank, will increase capacity and improve the efficiency of the whole process providing faster response times.

The new dye house will deliver 20% more efficiencies than the building and processes that it replaces. This is mainly due to new a automated dispensing system that allows more accuracy on the weighing of dyes and chemicals.


New technology means that cycle times are reduced by eliminating the requirement to neutralise each dye lot as it is processed, therefore producing more dye lots per day.

Package dyeing uses considerably less water (40%), heat (25%) and chemicals (5-10%) per kilogram of yarn processed, and the system’s capabilities means a greater amount of dye lots can be produced in one day, making the new dye house more energy efficient.

At present, while much of the water used in the dye process is taken from Ulster’s own borehole, the rest comes from the local town supply. A reduction of 40% in water requirements minimises usage from the town supply reducing the environmental impact of the dye house on the local area.

The building has been designed and constructed by local businesses. This is a deliberate strategy by Ulster Carpets, supported by Invest NI, to continue to invest in Northern Ireland’s economy and to support local jobs.

Crystal Mozart

II BY IV DESIGN , in collaboration with Ulster Carpets, designed custom carpets for the suites and corridors aboard the magnificent Crystal Mozart, the first of Crystal Cruises new river ship fleet.

Inspired by the striking, seasonal panoramas of the Danube River from Passau, Germany to Budapest, Hungary, the design of the Crystal Mozart is an enchanting blend of old world charm and luxurious elegance. Refurbished in late June 2016, it was specifically designed to fit into wider locks of the Danube River, which majestically glides under low bridges past historic villages and lush landscapes. Its refurbishment allowed for the design of some of the most spacious river cruise cabins afloat.

A six-star luxury river boat resembling a high-end hotel or luxury flat, an elegant land-based design aesthetic was achieved to ground the interiors. All suites featured custom sumptuous carpets with standout patterns that were inspired by the reflection of water.

The corridor leading to the penthouse suites is differentiated by a distinctive plush carpet with an organic and whimsical pattern enhanced by a rich and contrasting colour scheme. The dynamic pattern animates the corridors while enhancing the natural flow of movement.

Well received by the client and passengers alike, the Crystal Mozart continues to be celebrated with notable accolades. Most recently, II BY IV DESIGN was honoured at the 2017 SBID International Design Awards in London, where it was selected as a finalist in the Hotel Bedroom & Suites Design category. This project was also been short listed at the Gold Key Awards in the best suite category.

Lough Erne Resort

The Lough Erne Resort and Spa is located on the outskirts of Enniskillen, is an award winning 5 star hotel famed for its stunning views of Lough Erne and Castle Hume Lough.

Ulster Carpets were delighted to work with the luxury resort to create custom pieces for The Ross Suite, which were designed to complement the natural surroundings and striking architectural look of the resort.

Using a colour palette of soft beiges, teals, deep grey blues and accents of turquoise, Ulster’s designers infused intricate ‘lace’ patterns with a geometric design and distressed texture that runs throughout each area creating a somewhat Persian feel.

Inspired by the lough, a water themed ‘stria’ design was introduced in the pre-function area to emphasise the connection with the water outside. Continuing into the larger function area, the stria flows across the entire room, intertwined with the repeating geometric pattern and larger interlocking motifs.


UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE is the keynote theme at DOMOTEX (12-15 January 2018), representing a strong trend towards the individualisation of products and services. Flooring is not immune to this trend. Floor coverings are being seen as art pieces in their own right and offer an opportunity to express character and individuality.

At Ulster Carpets we are seeing a continued sway towards the individualisation megatrend as more and more inspired clients seek to stand out from the crowd by choosing customised carpets. Mass produced, familiarity is being replaced by unique statements of character and identity. Increasingly bespoke carpets are becoming feature pieces used to create lasting impressions.

Ulster designers work closely with clients to deliver bespoke masterpieces which often form the showpiece of an interior scheme. And with the unique abilities of our innovative weaving technology PSYLO™, Ulster can offer a superior number of colours and endless design possibilities to create a truly unique carpet.

If you’re seeking inspiration, take a look at our gallery.


Ulster Carpets in various locations

Domotex 2018

Domotex 2018

Don’t forget to visit us at the DOMOTEX trade fair this weekend. We will be located in Hall 11 at stand CO1, we look forward to seeing you there!