Ulster Carpets is a family owned business, with over 75 years of experience in carpet manufacturing. We are dedicated to quality, service and a pursuit of excellence. Thanks to the company’s commitment to the local area, all axminster and wilton manufacturing is based at our County Armagh site. Generations of skilled local employees have ensured only the finest carpets bear the Ulster name. To achieve this level of quality, we control every part of the manufacturing process within the UK, from buying and processing the wool at our site in Dewsbury (Ulster Yarns) through to winding, dying and weaving at our Northern Ireland headquarters. It is not just manufacturing which makes a quality carpet but also design. Our talented team of designers, work closely with our customers to achieve spectacular results from a blank canvas. To learn more about our processes you can view a short film introducing you to the people and technology behind the Ulster brand, by clicking here.

The capabilities of our award winning, PSYLO™ weaving technology, allow designers to use a superior number of colours without the need for a repeating pattern, resulting in uprecedented depth and texture of design. It is therefore no surprise that an ‘Ulster’ carpet can often be found as the focal point of an interior scheme. These design capabilities, combined with the high level of service we offer are the reasons many prestigious customers continue to work with us project after project. Ulster’s masterpieces grace the floors of prestigious hotels, casinos, cruise ships and famous venues around the world. In fact, over 70% of our carpets are now exported beyond the UK and Ireland. Our products will be found wherever discerning customers value the quality and luxury of an Ulster carpet. A selection of projects from around the world can be viewed on the Gallery.